Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thanksgiving and Visiting Santa

James met up with Santa at the mall last week. Here they are in negotiations.

Some pictures from a river festival in Chattanooga. We spent Thanksgiving visiting Nana and Grandpa in Tennessee. In all the excitement we didn't get a whole lot of pictures, but here are a few...
Decorated riverboats were all over the river at nightfall, bu they didnt' show up too well on the camera. Jame was excited though!
I love the airport shots. It was surprisingly empty on the Wednesday before and the Saturday after Thanskgiving...
My little jet-setter

Some more with Grandpa:

Tuckered out!

Grassy field at the riverfront
This is why all the airline passengers love him
Watching the planes
About 20 seconds later, he bonked his head on the glass. Poor guy.

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oddharmonic said...

Aw, James looks like he had a great time running around in the airport.

Now that I've seen some baby pictures of Rich, he looks like a chip off the old block!